The Family Plan (2023) Full Movie - HD 1080p

Rating: 6.3/10 - Year: 2023 - Genre: Action, Comedy


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Dan Morgan is a gifted car salesman living a quiet life in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York with his wife Jessica and their three kids Nina, Kyle, and Max.One day, Dan is suddenly attacked. After the attack, Dan contacts his former associate, Augie, to find out why he was attacked and Augie suggests it is Dan's former employer McCaffrey, and advises him to disappear just to be safe. Dan orders a new set of identity documents for him and his family. Dan retrieves his kids from school and picks Jessica up from work, telling her they're taking a spontaneous road trip to Las Vegas.As they're leaving town, Dan realized that they're being followed and deduces that their family minivan has a tracker planted on it. He stops at his car dealership and uses one of the service bays to find and remove the device from the undercarriage.Meanwhile, McCaffrey and his team go through the Morgans' home but can't find any indication where they're headed as Dan discarded everyone's cell phones to avoid being traced. He drives through the night until they reach Iowa City. Excited, Nina begs them to check out the Southern Iowa University because she hopes to follow her boyfriend Trevor there rather than pursue her original goal of attending Stanford.During a campus tour, Dan notices a German man on his phone, and believes he works for McCaffrey, though he realizes he's mistaken when they're attacked by another of McCaffrey's henchmen, battling it out in one of the chemistry labs before incapacitating the man and rejoining his family on the tour. Before leaving campus, Nina manages to find Trevor's dorm only to learn he's cheating on her with another girl. When she finds out that Trevor is cheating on her, Dan teaches her some martial arts moves, which she uses on the former.As they head to Vegas, Dan grows closer to his family. They arrive in Las Vegas, where Dan plans to tell Jessica the truth about his past over a romantic dinner. While they leave the kids to babysit Max in their penthouse suite, the kids take off with Max to walk to the Strip. When Dan and Jessica head back to their suite to check on the kids, they are attacked by McCaffrey's team. Dan quickly dispatches them, shocking Jessica. Revealing his name to be Sean, he finally comes clean to his family, who are outraged. Sean nevertheless gives them their new passports and IDs, telling them that their lives in Buffalo are over. The next morning, Jessica's friend, Gwen, arrives in a private jet to fly them home to Buffalo.On the plane, Gwen reveals she works for McCaffrey and hands Jessica and the kids over to him. He takes them hostage, and threatens to kill them unless Sean accepts his offer. He relents, and Jessica and the kids are taken back to the airport to leave for Buffalo. Sean manages to escape and McCaffrey calls his army into the lobby of the hotel to recapture him. Sean engages the mercenaries while Jessica and the kids fight Gwen, culminating in Jessica using a piece of broken bamboo as a javelin to impale Gwen through the chest. Meanwhile, Sean knocks McCaffrey out.Some time later, the Morgans have returned to their lives in Buffalo; Sean / Dan is now running his own security firm using his skillset to advise clients how to better defend against attacks while Jessica coaches high school track and field.Returning home, they load up into a rented RV embarking on a cross-country roadtrip to drop Nina off at Stanford. IMDb